Student Records Policy and Guidelines

"Chemeketa Community College shall maintain student records procedures consistent with the requirements of applicable state and federal laws and guidelines and use student records to promote the growth and welfare of students within the mission of the college.

The college will use student social security numbers for keeping records, complying with federal and state requirements, doing research, aggregate reporting, extending credit and collecting debts. Social security numbers will not be given to the general public. A student choosing not to provide a social security number shall not be denied any student rights." Chemeketa Community College Policy #5140

Locations and Student Record Designees

Enrollment and academic records and any other records not identified below
Enrollment Services
Building 2, Room 201

Financial aid records
Financial Aid
Building 2, Room 201

Payment records
Business Services
Building 2, Room 201

Evaluative testing records
Dean of Student Services
Building 2, Room 176

College Address
Chemeketa Community College
4000 Lancaster Drive NE
PO Box 14007
Salem OR 97309-7070

Directory Information

  • Name
  • Credit hour status (enrollment status, e.g. full-time, part-time, half-time, not enrolled)
  • Dates and terms of enrollment
  • Certificate or degree earned and date earned (including GED certificate and Chemeketa high school diploma)
  • Certificate or degree candidacy and anticipated graduation date (including GED certificate and Chemeketa high school diploma)
  • Athletic statistics and honors

Use of Social Security Number

The college will use student social security numbers (SSN) for keeping records, complying with federal and state requirements, doing research, reporting, extending credit and collecting debts.  You may be required to provide your SSN to the college for compliance with specific federal and state regulations such as applying for financial aid, loans, grant programs and tax reporting requirements.  Providing your SSN means that you consent to the use of the number in the manner described. Your SSN will not be given to the general public.  You will be issued a Chemeketa student identification (ID) number (K#) to be used as your primary ID. Please note that per OAR 589-004-0400, if you choose not to provide your SSN, you will not be denied any rights as a student.

Permanent Records

Enrollment Services maintains, as a permanent record, student transcripts and provides for retention of permanent records in a manner secure from accidental destruction or intentional tampering.

Release of Student Record Information-General

Enrollment Services releases personally identifiable information from a student record only with prior consent of the student, except under one or more of the conditions described below (OAR 589-004-0500) and maintains a record of releases except when that disclosure is made at the request of the student or is made to other college staff with a legitimate educational interest as required by OAR 581-004-0750.

A student may request from the Enrollment Center, in writing, that "directory" information not be released. This is called the "Request for non-disclosure of student information." Once this request is made any inquiries by the student for their records must be made in person with proper identification. No information will be released over the phone, fax, e-mail, etc.

Release of Student Record Information-

Specific College staff may request student record information to (a) facilitate education or provide services to a student, (b) advise a student, or (c) accomplish job assignments. The Registrar or designee will, using professional judgment, release student record information to other college staff (as "education officials") with a legitimate educational interest.

A student, parent or legal guardian for whom the student is a dependent, or persons with a written release from the student may request to inspect official academic records, upon presentation of acceptable identification, including student ID card or valid driver's license, to the Registrar or designee in Enrollment Services. The school official will (a) verify the identification, dependency status, or signature; (b) assess a fee for copies as appropriate; and (c) provide access to the student's own records within a reasonable time except for:

  • Confidential financial information reported by their parents or guardians;
  • Confidential diagnostic and medical records;
  • Confidential records maintained solely for law enforcement purposes by the college's Public Safety/Security department;
  • Alumni records created after enrollment and containing no student record information;
  • Records of educational progress, such as instructor grade books, which lead to permanent student records;
  • Any record to which an individual student has waived access; or
  • Transcripts, diplomas or certificates if the student has unpaid financial obligations to the college or unresolved disciplinary action with the college.

Another school or institution, where the student intends to enroll, may request the transfer of student records. The Registrar will make a reasonable effort to notify the student at the student's last known address, unless the disclosure was initiated by the student and give the student, upon request, a copy of the records as provided under OAR 589-004-0200 (m) and the opportunity to request a hearing as provided under OAR 589-004-0350.

Contractors may request student record information in order to accomplish the work contracted with the college. The Registrar will provide the required student record information within the contractual agreement.

Other authorities may request student record information under federal or state laws or legislative directive with responsibility to conduct audits, accreditation, program reviews or reports, or to fulfill other legal requirements. The Registrar will send a copy of any court order or subpoena and relevant records to the student at the last known address, as appropriate, and provide the authorities with the required student record information under the relevant laws, directives or other legal requirements.

Researchers may request student record information for legitimate academic research. The Registrar, after five working days, will supply the requested information provided that no personally identifiable information is revealed. Personally identifiable information may be provided to other organizations operating under the same federal or state laws as the college in accordance with the requirements of OAR 589-0400- through 589-004-0450.

Any person may request "directory information." The Registrar will provide student record information, unless the student has requested that no information be released.

In an emergency, designated college employees may use their professional judgment to release student record information and student location on campus.

Change of Student Record

A student may seek to change or modify the information in his/her individual record(s) by providing Enrollment Services with the new information. Enrollment Services within a reasonable time, will notify the student whether the records will be modified. The student must follow the Student Rights and Responsibilities procedures to resolve any dispute about student records.

Violent Crime Disciplinary Proceeding Results

The victim of a crime may request results of a disciplinary proceeding by the college against the alleged perpetrator of any crime of violence. The Executive Dean of Student Development and Learning Resources, upon verification of identification, provides the alleged victim of any crime of violence the results of any disciplinary proceeding by the college against the alleged perpetrator of that crime with respect to that crime without disclosing any personally identifiable information from the student records of the alleged perpetrator.

Professional Evaluations and References

College staff may provide professional evaluations and references about the ability and character of students under appropriate circumstances.

Publication of Policy and Procedures

The Executive Dean of Student Development and Learning Resources will ensure that the college's handbook or college catalog contains the Student Records Policy and Procedures annually.

Vice President of Instruction and Student Services/President Yamhill Valley Campus
Jim Eustrom 503.399.5076

Vice President of Governance and Administration
Andrew Bone 503.399.6529

Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar
Melissa Frey 503.589.7652