Weather Closures and Delays

Chemeketa closure or delay notifications are announced in a variety of ways —

If the college must close due to weather, notification is made to media sources in the Portland, Salem/Keizer, Woodburn, Dallas, Stayton/Sublimity, McMinnville and Albany areas. Information is updated every 15 minutes, on the quarter hour.

If closure is appropriate, the decision will normally be made by 6 am.

Delayed Openings

When weather conditions dictate, Chemeketa may open later than normal. The college will attempt to indicate the time when we will open. If the opening time is later than 8 am, any class, lab, or other activity scheduled to begin before that time is cancelled. Classes starting after that time are to be held as previously scheduled.

Evening Classes

Evening classes are never delayed, but may be canceled independently of day classes. A decision affecting evening classes and notification of media will normally take place by 4 pm. Evening classes are defined as any classes that begin after 5 pm.

Only closure and delayed opening information is listed on the Internet or provided to the media. If Chemeketa is not listed then the college is open regular hours.