DACA Students

What is DACA?

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a status given to certain students who entered the United States from another country before their 16th birthday (and before 2007), have been continually residing and attending school in the U.S. and have graduated high school or attained their GED. Click here to learn more about DACA and the Top 5 Things to Know.

2017 Rescission Announcement: What It Means

If you are an undocumented or DACA student, you do not qualify for federal financial aid. But, regardless of your immigration status, Chemeketa offers resources and opportunities to help you meet your education goals and expenses.

First, follow these steps to enroll at Chemeketa

Choose whether you’re a new, returning or transfer student. If you would like personal help with the steps to get enrolled, attend a Getting Started workshop at the Salem or Yamhill Valley campuses.

Help paying for college

Video: OSAC Resources Available for Undocumented Students, Including DACA

Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA)
Best time to apply: Mid-October

The Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA) is Oregon’s alternative to the federal aid application (FAFSA) for DACA and other undocumented students. By completing your ORSAA, you may be eligible for the Oregon Opportunity Grant, Oregon Promise Grant and certain OSAC scholarships.

Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC)
Early Bird Deadline: February 15 by 5 pm

Final Deadline: March 1 by 5 pm
OSAC provide a more than 500 scholarships for students. You don't need to be a merit scholar or a student with financial need to apply for OSAC scholarships, all types of scholarships are available.

Oregon Opportunity Grant
By completing your ORSAA, you will be considered for the Oregon Opportunity Grant, Oregon's largest state-funded need-based grant program for students planning to go to college.

Oregon Promise
If you are a high school or GED student graduating in spring, you may be eligible for the Oregon Promise. Complete the Oregon Promise application prior to the deadline and the Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA).

Chemeketa Scholars
Application deadline: First week of March each year
Graduating high school seniors from Chemeketa’s district with a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 3.5 or better may qualify for Chemeketa Scholars, a full tuition scholarship for up to two years in any field of study.

Chemeketa Foundation Scholarships
Application opens February 1 and closes March 31 each year
New and returning students can apply for Chemeketa scholarships for the next school year. If awarded, you will receive your scholarship in the fall of the following academic year.

Student Leadership Opportunities
Best time to apply: Spring term
Student leadership programs provide financial aid to help students meet their educational expenses, help college staff do important work and provide valuable work experience to students. Student leaders must complete 12 credits or more per term and maintain a 2.75 term GPA, among other requirements.

Ford Family Scholarship
Application opens November 1, 2017 and closes March 1, 2018
Undocumented residents who meet the qualifications are eligible to apply for scholarships from The Ford Family Foundation.

Deadline: Please visit website for more information
Dream.US is a national scholarship that covers students’ tuition and fees for associates or bachelor's degrees.

Chemeketa Resources

Guidance for Employees and Students

Statement of Commitment to Access, Diversity and Equity and Support of our Students

Chemeketa Completion Program (CCP)
CCP is a support system for students that provides assistance with navigating college systems such as financial aid, registration and advising. CCP is open to you if you are completing a Chemeketa degree or certificate, are enrolled full-time and are committed to your education.

Chemeketa DACA and Allies United Club

Have you felt harrassed or discriminated against?

Learn about our resources and support in these Spanish or English language brochures.

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The Mexican Consulate from Portland is conducting Consulado Móviles across the state of Oregon to provide information and guidance and other types of services, and consulate procedures. You must contact the Mexican Consulate from Portland to make an appointment.

El Consulado Mexicano de Portland está llevando a cabo Consulado Móviles en todo el estado de Oregón para proporcionar información y orientación y otros tipos de servicios y procedimientos consulares. Debe contactar al Consulado Mexicano de Portland para hacer cita.

Consulado Móvil in Corvallis on Saturday, November 18 and Sunday November 19 at Linus Pualing Middle School, 1111 NW Cleveland Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330

2017 Consulado Móviles Calendar

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