People 65 or Older May Attend Tuition Free

  • Students must be Oregon residents; and
  • Students must be 65 years old or older at the beginning of the term in which the course is offered; and
  • Space must be available in the course as determined by the instructor and the department; and
  • The course must be a lower-division collegiate credit course (100 or 200 level course- e.g. ART 101, SPN 111, WR 227, etc. click here for a list of course eligibility); and
  • The course prerequisites must be satisfied prior to enrollment; and
  • The maximum costs to be covered by an approved tuition waiver each term is the cost of 8 credits
    • All course fees are to be paid by the student
  1. Students will apply online for admission to the college
  2. Students will complete a 65+ Tuition Waiver and Audit Request form with both instructor and department signature
    1. The tuition waiver benefit will not apply unless registration is processed through this form
  3. For online courses instructor consent will be accepted if e-mailed using a valid Chemeketa e-mail address
  4. Completed forms will be accepted between Monday of week 2 and Friday of week 4 of the term at the Enrollment Center on the Salem campus, Building 2, Room 200, and any other Chemeketa campus or center front office
  5. Photo identification may be requested at the time the completed forms are accepted
  6. Students should pay the course fees at the time they submit the 65+ Tuition Waiver and Audit Request Form
  7. Enrollment Services will process the 65+ Tuition Waiver and Audit Request forms
  8. Business Services will apply the tuition waiver to the student account