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Philosophy & Religious Studies

Learn to see the world through a wider lens in Chemeketa's philosophy and religious studies courses.

topics Humanities

Skills & InterestFiguring Things Out

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  • Chemeketa students at Monte Alban ruins
  • A foundation in the peace garden

Why choose Philosophy & Religious Studies?

Philosophy is the study of life's larger questions. At Chemeketa, our experienced and diverse faculty will walk you through different answers to questions like –

  • Who or what is God?
  • How do we know something is true?
  • Is there a greater purpose to life?
  • How do we learn and know the difference between right and wrong?

Different people have answered the same questions from an enormous diversity of viewpoints and given birth to religions in the process.

Many of Chemeketa's courses are easily transferable to other schools and taking them at a community college is a way to reduce your overall college costs.

What will you learn?

In Chemeketa's philosophy and religious studies courses, you will be introduced to the leading thinkers of every age, from Socrates, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad to modern-day giants of philosophical pursuits. Chemeketa provides a safe environment to examine their teachings and arrive at your own conclusions while engaging others with different views.

What will you do?

Philosophy and religion affect all aspects of our lives. Learning about these topics will increase your ability to think critically about controversial issues and work with those who have differing opinions. With an increasingly divided world and workplace, these classes can help you find the common ground that leads to peaceful resolution.