Philosophy and Religion

Chemeketa's Philosophy and Religion classes meet university and transfer degree requirements.

You will explore enduring philosophical questions such as -

  • Who/what is God?
  • How do I know something is true?
  • Is there a purpose to life?
  • What is right and/or wrong?

You learn about important figures like Socrates, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad. Chemeketa's Philosophy and Religion classes are safe places where you discover your own answers while thoughtfully and respectfully engaging others. In this way, your learn responsible citizenship as you think critically about controversial issues in dialogue with those who think differently. Such skills are increasingly important in our polarized society where people may not be thoughtful and/or prefer to attack others instead of seeking common ground and peaceful resolution.

All are welcome. Please contact Patrick Williams or call 503.365.4670.

The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates