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Corrections Course Sequences

See the classes you should take each term to complete the Corrections certificate or degree you want to earn.

Corrections Certificate & Degree Course Sequences

Getting Started

The first step to entering these programs is to take part in an assessment process, which includes taking the college’s free placement test and meeting with Chemeketa’s Advising and First Year Programs staff. You may need to complete program entry requirements.

Your advisor will help you develop an individualized program of study.

Entry Requirements
CourseTitleCredit Hours
CA121A Keyboarding A (if less than 25 wpm) 1
CJ103 Program Application and Employment Standards 1
MTH020 Basic Mathematics 4
RD090 College Textbook Reading 3
WR115 Introduction to Composition 4 or
WR088 Introduction to Technical Writing 1 3

If you have questions about the requirements, call 503.399.5163. Failure to be assessed may delay your entry into program classes.

Be sure to review the catalog for important information about program outcomes and other details not found in this listing.

See course descriptions for more information about your classes.

Basic Corrections Certificate

General Education Requirements
CourseTitleCredit Hours
MTH060 Introductory Algebra (or higher) 4
PSY201 Psychology: Mind and Body (or higher) 4
WR121  Academic Composition 4


Core Requirements
CourseTitleCredit Hours
CJ101 Criminology 3
CJ130 Corrections Process 3
CJ132 Parole and Probation 3
CJ134 Search/Contraband/Restraints 2
CJ147 Criminal Personality and Errors in Thinking 2
CJ203 Crisis Intervention Seminar 3
CJ232 Corrections Casework 3
CJ253 Introduction to Penology 3
  Corrections elective* 3

*Corrections elective:  Choose any CJ course not required within the program

Corrections Degree

General Education Requirements
CourseTitleCredit Hours
CIS101 Computing Concepts (or higher) 3 or
BA131  Business Computing 4 or
CA100  Beginning Computing 3
COMM115 Intercultural Communication (or higher) 4
MTH060 Introductory Algebra+ (or higher) 4
PSY201 Psychology: Mind and Body 4
WR121 Academic Composition 4
  Physical Education electives*  

*Physical Education electives: Choose any PE185 courses, and/or CJ104A, B, or C.

Core Requirements
CourseTitleCredit Hours
CJ100 Survey of the Criminal Justice System 3 or
CJ130  Introduction to Corrections Process 3
CJ101 Criminology 3

Public Safety Communications and Documentation

CJ134 Search/Contraband/Restraints 2
CJ146 Officer Survival Mindset 3
CJ203 Crisis Intervention Seminar 3
CJ210 Criminal Investigations 1: Crimes vs. Persons 3
CJ211 Property Crimes: Behavior and Evidence 3
CJ212 Police Report Writing 3
CJ217 Interviewing and Interrogation in Criminal Justice 3
CJ222 Profiling Serial Killers 3
CJ224 Missing and Abducted Children 2
CJ255 Oral Boards and Multi-Assessment 2
CJ270 Crime Victim Advocacy 2
CJ272 Recognizing Child Molesters 3
CJ273 Drugs and Pacific NW Street Gangs 3
CJ281 Corrections Officer Related Experience 1 3
CJ282 Corrections Officer Related Experience 2 3
CJ283 Corrections Officer Related Experience 3 3
CJ289 Correction Ethics/Professional Conduct 3
  Corrections electives** 18

**Corrections electives: Choose any CJ courses not required within the program.