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Paramedic Course Sequences

See the classes you should take each term to complete the Paramedic degree.

Paramedic Course Sequences

Be sure to review the catalog for important information about program outcomes and other details not found in this listing.

See course descriptions for more information about your classes.

Paramedicine Degree

Paramedic Degree
TermCourseTitleCredit Hours
1 BI231 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4
EMT175 Introduction to Emergency Medical Service 3 or
ES172 Introduction to Emergency Services 4
HM120 Medical Terminology 1 3
WR121 Academic Composition (or higher) 4
2 BI232 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4
EMT153 One Term EMT 10 or
EMT151 EMT, Part 1 5 and
EMT152B EMT, Part 2 5
EMT280H  Cooperative Work Experience  8
ES115 Crisis Intervention 3
MTH070 Elementary Algebra (or higher) 4
3 BI233 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4
COMM111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (or higher) 4
EMT169 EMT Rescue 3 or
FRP256 Emergency Services Rescue Practices 4
EMT176 Emergency Response Patient Transportation 2 or
FRP153 Fire Incident Related Experience 3 3

Emergency Response Communication/ Documentation

PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations (or higher) 4 or
  Human Relations course 4
4   Paramedic, Part 1 14
5 EMT297 Paramedic, Part 2 14
  Social Science/Arts and Letters elective 4 or
  Arts and Letters elective 4
6 EMT298 Paramedic, Part 3 4
HPE295 Health and Fitness for Life 3