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Truck Driving

Chemeketa's truck driving certificate will provide the knowledge and skills needed to earn your Commercial Driver License (CDL) in four weeks. **This program is not financial aid eligible**

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  • Truck driving instructor and student with truck
  • Chemeketa's truck with fall leaves in background

Why choose Truck Driving?

Over the next ten years, the employment field for truck drivers is expected to grow by at least 6 percent. Plus, there is currently a shortage of truck drivers. A current shortage of 50,000 truck drivers nationwide is expected to grow to 174,000 drivers by 2026. In the Mid-Valley, there are almost 400 openings annually for truck drivers stemming from job growth and replacing retired drivers.


What will you learn?

Chemeketa's truck driving certificate program consists of 160 hours of coursework-

  • XCDL 9100A- Introduction to Professional Truck Driving & Logistics (40 hours)
  • XCDL 9100B- Practical Applications in Professional Truck Driving & Logistics (80 hours)
  • XCDL 9100C- Transportation Customer Service Skills (40 hours)

This coursework will provide the skills necessary for you to earn your Commercial Driver License, or CDL.


What will you do?

A career in truck driving can provide many things-

  • Job security
  • Great starting salaries
  • Variety of cargo hauling
  • Options for local or interstate jobs
  • Program Requirements

    In order to be eligible for the program, you must-

    • Have a valid driver's license with a minimum of one year of driving experience
    • Be at least 18 years old to drive in-state, and 21 years old to drive across state lines
    • Provide verifiable work history or schooling
    • Certain felony convictions can limit employment. Hazmat hauling has stricter rules; if you plan to haul Hazmat materials, inquire with employer/DMV prior to pursuing program
    • Pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination (DOT Medical Examiner's Card)
    • Pass a DOT drug screening (completed after acceptance into the program, and ordered by Chemeketa)
    • Obtain a Class A CDL learner permit with Airbrake and Combination Vehicles endorsementsTests administered at DMV in English only.
  • Session Start Dates

    2024 Schedule:

    Location: Salem Campus 

    **Dates and times are subject to change. When applying please select the month you wish to apply for.** 

    Class start date: May 6 - Schedule:  Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 5 pm, 4-week training. No class/Holidays 5/27. (Currently in-session)

    Class start date: June Class - Begins May 28 - Schedule:  Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 5 pm, 4-week training. No class/Holiday 5/27 and 6/19. (FULL)

    Class start date: July 1 - Schedule:  Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 5 pm, 4-week training. No class/Holiday 7/4. (FULL)

    Class start date: August Class - Begins July 29 - Schedule: Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 5 pm, 4-week training. (FULL)

    Class start date: September 3 - Schedule: Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 5 pm, 4-week training. No class/Holiday 9/2 & 9/17. (FULL)

    Class start date: October Class - Begins September 30 - Schedule:  Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, 4-week training. (6 spots available)

    Class start date: November Class- Begins October 28 - Schedule:  Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, 4-week training. No class/Holiday 11/11. (6 spots available)

    Class start date: December 2 - Schedule:  Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, 4-week training. No class/Holiday 12/24 & 12/25. (6 spots available)                                                                                                                                                                Applications are processed on a first-come first-served basis.               

    Alternates are based on the order application were received. Securing a spot in the next available class automatically puts you on the alternate list unless you have asked not to be added. If a space becomes available in a class the alternate will be contacted with a deadline to respond to take the available space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 




  • Application Process

    Please complete the following steps for entry into the program-

    • Complete the paper Truck Driving Application OR the online truck driving application
    • Submit a front and back copy of your driver's license (must be licensed for a minimum of 1 year) **can be uploaded with online application**
    • Submit a front and back copy of your Commercial Learner's Permit (obtained after 3 DMV tests and DOT Physical) **can be uploaded with online application**
    • Submit a copy of your DOT Medical Examiner's card **can be uploaded with online application**
    • A certified court printout of your driving record from DMV for the last ten years (available at DMV for $3) **can be uploaded with online application**
    • Applicants should ensure they will meet the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requirements to get a CDL

    Applications are processed on a first-come first-served basis.

    Return paper application and required documents to- 

    Chemeketa Community College
    Truck Driving Program
    Brandy Lehn
    306 NE Norton Ln
    McMinnville, OR 97128

  • Tuition & Fees

    Tuition and fees for the program are as follows-


    Prior to Training
    Fee Paid By Amount
    DOT Drug Screen Student (Chemeketa orders, paid online) $45
    Clearinghouse Query Student to Clearinghouse $1.50
    DOT Physical Exam Student to testing facility $100+
    DOT Driving Record Student to DMV $3
    CDL Learners Permit Student to DMV $40 
    Knowledge Test Student to DMV $10
    Airbrakes Test Student to DMV $10
    Combination Vehicles Student tp DMV $10
    CDL Program

    Student (see "payment information" menu
    for scholarship information below)



    Post Training
    Fee Paid By   Amount
    CDL Testing Student testing facility $240
    CDL Driver's License Student to DMV $160-$224

    *Tuition and fees are subject to change.

  • Payment Information

    Payment Methods (non-credit programs are not eligible for financial aid through Chemeketa financial aid office.):

    • Cash, Check, Credit Card 
    • Payment plan through your My Chemeketa account
    • Grants/Scholarships
      • Available to qualifying students through several different programs. Please see the "Grants and Scholarships" menu for more information. 
    • Personal Loans
      • Students can obtain their own financing through a financial institution of their choice

    Several trucking companies have sign-on bonuses or tuition reimbursements once a student earns their CDL.

  • Grants and Scholarships

    Financial assistance is available through the following programs. You will still need to fill out a Truck Driving Application in addition to these applications for funding. See the Application Process tab for more information.

    Future Ready Grant 2024-2025

    Future Ready Oregon is a comprehensive $200 million investment package that supports the education and training Oregonians need for family-wage careers. This package includes strategic and targeted investments focused on advancing opportunities for historically underserved communities.

    Chemeketa is proud to be a part of this initiative, with 60 spots available for individuals seeking to benefit from the Future Ready Oregon grant.

    To take advantage of this opportunity, interested individuals must follow these steps:

    1. Submit a completed Chemeketa Commercial Driver Training application.
    2. Secure a spot in one of the upcoming trainings (see Session Start Dates tab). 

    Upon completion of the above steps, you will be emailed a link to apply for this grant. It is important to note that if approved, the grant will cover tuition and third-party testing fees only. Students will be responsible for covering all other associated costs related to the program.

    Qualifying applicants must meet one or more of these criteria. 

    • Communities of color
    • Women
    • Low-income individuals
    • Veterans
    • Individuals with Disabilities
    • Formerly incarcerated individuals
    • Individuals who receive food assistance (SNAP)
    • Refugees and eligible immigrant populations, including seasonal farmworkers (Must be licensed for a minimum of one year in the US to qualify for CDL)
    • English Language Learners (recommended to be at a B2 level for CDL)
    • Member of Oregon’s nine Federally recognized Indian Tribes
    • Individuals residing in rural communities (population under 50,000)

    Chemeketa STEP Program

    Students can obtain more information on the STEP webpage, or call 503.399.6482.  Students can also visit the Career Pathways Certificate Page for an alternative to STEP funding. To qualify for funding, applicants must complete the following steps:

    1. Submit a completed Chemeketa Commercial Driver Training application.
    2. Secure a spot in one of the upcoming trainings (see Session Start Dates tab).

    To be eligible for STEPS, you must:

    • Must currently be receiving SNAP benefits
    • Must not be on TANF
    • Must be interested in pursuing training and/or educational opportunities
    • Make an appointment
    • Pursuing Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs & Degrees

    If you're pursuing a certificate, AAS degree, prerequisite classes, or license/certification exam, STEP can help with:

    • Success coaching is dedicated to providing academic and personal support, connecting you to resources
    • Gap funding to assist with required CTE certificate or degree program expenses-
    • Tuition and fees
    • Textbooks
    • Tools
    • Certification exams
    • Transportation

    South Coast Business Employment Corporation (SCBEC)

    SCBEC offers limited financial assistance to qualifying students. If you're interested in securing possible funding, complete the interest form below. Response time for follow-up is typically within a week at SCBEC. Applications are decided near the end of each month, so you should complete this as soon as possible. Their funding generally covers only tuition ($5,000). The student will be responsible for the drug screening fee ($45) and third-party testing ($230). 

    Please fill out this interest form for a referral. SCBEC Interest Form

    Worksource Oregon Vocational Scholarship 


  • Refresher Courses

    Need to brush up on your truck driving skills? We offer one-on-one training with our instructors to address your areas of need. See pricing below!

    **CDL must not have lapsed/expired more than 5 years to qualify for a refresher**

    Skills assessment required (done with an instructor who then recommends the number of hours).


    Refresher Courses 
    Description Paid By   Amount
    2 Hours-Truck Testing only   Student $200
    3 Hours  Student $350
    5 Hours Student $550
    7 Hours Student $750
    15 Hours Student $1200


  • HAZMAT Training
    Need a Hazmat endorsement on your CDL? We offer an online course for a hazardous materials endorsement allowing you to drive any vehicle carrying hazardous materials.

    You must have your CDL Class A License or Learner's Permit for acceptance to class (required to submit a copy).

    Classes are offered year-round. Please email or call 503.584.7537 for enrollment information. 

    Description Paid By Amount
    Hazmat Online Course Student $200

    Additional Requirements per DMV

    You must:

    Note: You are required to pass the HAZMAT Knowledge Test every time you renew your license.

    Transportation Security Administration Security Threat Assessment

    • You must pass a TSA security check every five years to keep this endorsement.
    • The security check can take 60 days or more to complete.
      • You must pass another TSA security check if you are coming from another state and your last TSA check was more than 4 years and 9 months ago.
    • We will verify the date of a previous security check with the TSA.
    • You must start a TSA security check online at the TSA website or by calling Universal Enrollment Services at 855-347-8371.